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Finnish breadbasket
Juhlamokka-coffee and gingerbread

420 THB


Smoked reindeer soup
Sautéed reindeer
Caramel-cranberries and vanilla
ice-cream or Original brandy from Finland with Juhla Mokka-coffee

1290 THB


Spring rolls
Green curry chicken with rice
Deep-fried bananas with coffee or tea

340 THB




1. Good Morning Breakfast

Coffee / tea
Fresh juice
Fried bacon and sausage links
2 fried / hard boiled eggs or one omelet
2 toasts
Butter, cheese, ham and marmalade
Lettuce, tomatoes and onions

160 THB


2. Fitness

Coffee / tea
Fresh juice
Muesli with natural yogurt or milk
Fruit platter

160 THB

3. Hunger Buster

Coffee / tea
Fresh juice
Omelet with pan fried potatoes, bacon and onions
Lettuce, tomatoes

180 THB


4. Breakfast from Lapland

Hartwall Long-drink
2 fried eggs
Pan fried bacon and grilled sausage
Turun Sinappia (Finnish mustard)
A shot of Jaloviina

390 THB

Extra orange juice, coffee or tea +40 THB | Juhla Mokka-coffee with breakfast +50 THB


5. Smoked reindeer soup

Smoked creamy reindeer soup with toast and butter.

240 THB / 380 THB


6. Finnish breadbasket

Bread of the day, crisp bread and crisp rye-bread with butter, roe paste

80 THB

7. White bread and tzatziki

White toast with tzatziki-sauce.

70 THB


8. Spring rolls

Traditional deep-fried spring rolls with vegetable filling.

90 THB

9. Deep fried onionrings

Home-made deep-fried onionrings and mayonnaise.

90 THB


10. Chicken Satay

Chickenskewers in a thai-style. Served with peanut-sauce.

90 THB


11. Salmon sandwich

Toast with gravlax and onions.

160 THB


12. French fries with mayonnaise

13. Mozzarella-sticks

80 THB

160 THB


14. Chicken salad

Salad, fresh vegetables, pan fried fillet of chicken breast and dressing.

160 THB


15. Salmon salad

Salad, fresh vegetables, hard-boiled egg, pan fried fillet of salmon and cold dill-sauce.

220 THB


16. Scandinavian meatballs and mashed potatoes

Home-made Scandinavian meatballs, brown-sauce, mashed potatoes and pickles.

250 THB


17. Pan fried salmon

Pan fried fillet of salmon, mashed potatoes and cold dill-sauce.

420 THB

18. Chicken fillet with blue cheese dressing

Pan fried fillet of chicken, plank-fries and blue cheese dressing.

320 THB


19. Cheeseburger

A 180g steak, cheddar-cheese and salad. Served with french fries and mayonnaise.

300 THB

20. Grilled sausage and mashed potatoes

2 grilled sausages, fried onions and mashed potatoes.

240 THB


21. Minute steak

Fillet of beef hammered thin, spice butter, plankpotatoes and mayonnaise.

480 THB

22. Wienerschnitzel

Fillet of pork pan fried crispy, french fries and mayonnaise.

260 THB


23. Cordon bleu

Ham and cheddarcheese filled fillet of pork pan fried crispy, plank potatoes and mayonnaise.

320 THB

24. Sautéed reindeer and mashed potatoes

Traditional sautéed reindeer from Lapland, mashed potatoes, pickles and lingonberry jam.

980 THB      



25. Tom yam kung

Spicy Thai shrimp soup with herbs.

130 THB


26. Tom kha gai

Chicken soup with Thai- herbs and coconut milk.

130 THB

27. Massaman gai

Chicken with massaman-curry in coconut milk soup.

130 THB


28. Green curry with chicken

Chicken with green curry.

130 THB


29. Chicken / beef / seafood with red curry in coconut milk sauce

130 THB / 140 THB


30. Stir fried basil leaf with chicken / pork / beef / seafood

130 THB / 140 THB

31. Chicken with cashewnuts

130 THB


32. Fried rice with vegetable / chicken / pork or seafood

130 THB / 140 THB

33. Pad thai

Fried rice-noodels with chicken / shrimp.

100 THB / 110 THB


34. Steam rice

20 THB


35. Caramel-cranberries and vanilla ice-cream

Frozen cranberries, vanilla ice-cream and hot caramel-sauce.

160 THB  

36. French toast

French toast with butter, strawberry jam and whipped cream.

110 THB

37. Deep-fried bananas

Vanilla ice-cream and deep fried bananas.

80 THB  

38. Fruit platter

Assorted fresh fruits.

70 THB